Digital X Ray

You may have read that a full mouth set of x-rays exposes you at about the same level as a plane flight of four hours, and less than the radiation you are exposed to by the natural environment over 2 to 3 days and that a single dental x-ray is similar in radiation to a banana. (The average banana contains at least 0.1 micro Sieverts of radiation.)

We will do our best to protect you in every way we can, but it is important to know that without x-rays, dentists just can’t see a lot of dental disease that is lurking our in mouths, and untreated disease just grows larger and larger. We here at Dentistry by April Detar believe it is very important to minimize all radiation and, the good news is that the digital x-ray technology we use in our practice has sensors that are so responsive to low radiation that you are exposed to far less radiation than with the old film-based radiography.

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